13 October 1916

The battalion is a few miles southeast of Beaumont-Hamel, near Lesboeufs

A dull day. We heard that we would either relieve the Irish Fusiliers in the trenches at night, or else, as the Colonel suggested, make a surprise attack in DEWDROP trench, one of the German strong points, which had held up more than one attack. The CO was therefore asked to reconnoitre the ground in view of this attack. He went out with the two company officers who were present, the Scout Officer and a few of the more intelligent scouts and after looking at the ground from a point of vantage, he decided that DEWDROP trench could be taken by a surprise if the attack was made from a line to the NE of LES BOEUFS. The lie of the ground between this line and DEWDROP would help the attack enormously and the Colonel was fully convinced that it would be a success. However, we received orders at 5.30pm to relieve the Irish Fusiliers in the trenches. The other two companies came up from GUILLEMONT and the Battalion relieved the Fusiliers. The Battalion front stretched from T4.b.5.9 to T. 4. a. 9. 7. Two companies in the front line and two in support. A Coy were in BURNABY trench, C Coy in FOGGY trench, D coy in left support in THISTLE trench, B company in right support in SHAMROCK trench. The trenches were in a very bad state, no cover of any kind for officers or men, and the trenches had been very badly blown in. The input was somewhat lively during the relief, but quietened down afterwards. The 2nd Royal Dublin Fusiliers relieved the 1st Royal Warwicks on our right. Our Battalion Headquarters were in OX trench behind the Hill W of LES BOEUFS, about T. 9. b.5 3½.

Lewis casualty

Last address in Lewis: 5 South Dell
Military unit: 2nd Seaforth Highlanders
Service number: 3/7040
Date of death: 13 October 1916
Killed in action at the Somme.
Memorial: Thiepval Memorial, Pier and Face 15C
Local memorial: North Lewis, Cross
Had been gassed in 1915

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