24 May 1915

The battalion is engaged in the 2nd battle of Ypres to the north of the town along the Yser Canal. La Brique is shown as Briekje on the map

Hot day in Canal Bank.

3 am: Gas Alarm. Stood to.
6 am: Ordered to proceed to Div 2nd line. B Coy ordered to reinforce 7th A&SH in front of WIELTJE to front line trenches. Later B Coy has not yet arrived so A Coy was sent up as line was very thinly held.

10.30 am: C&D coys move up to Div Support line. Disposition now: 7th Argles in front of WIELTJE, Royal Irish Fusiliers on their right - Royal Dublin Fusiliers on right of 7th Argyles - 9th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders has been in Retrenchments and went up to support the Dublins who has been left in "Shell Trap" Farm. The Warwicks were in the Divisional Support Line with C & D coys of Seaforths. "Shell Trap" farm and the line to the left of the line to the right said to have fallen.
The shelling has been very heavy indeed all morning. The position remains the same until dusk.

8.30pm: C Coy sent up to reinforce 7th A&SH and A&B Coy in front of WIELTJE. Warned that counter attack to retake last trenches would take place at 10pm and that we should be relieved afterwards.

10.30pm: Counter attack not to take place but we are to withdraw th eline to the Div Support Line. The Battalion withdraws at dawn to LA BRIQUE into dugouts.

Lewis casualty

Last address in Lewis: 16 Habost, Ness
Military unit: 2nd Seaforth Highlanders
Service number: 3/7204
Date of death: 24 May 1915
Killed in action
Memorial: Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, panel 38
Local memorial: North Lewis, Cross

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